What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment or simply told root canal is a treatment that help us keep our tooth in the mouth when the nerves of the root was infected. During the root canal treatment the infected nerves are removed, the root is cleaned and sealed to avoid future infections.

Do I need a root canal treatment?

Our tooth need a root canal treatment when the microbes that have reached the pulp create an irreversible inflammation. This inflammation can be caused by several reason such as extensive damage of a tooth or even by a dental trauma. The patient can suspect that he needs a root canal if he has a constant, intense pain at the area of the tooth or a swelling. In some cases, a tooth was treated in the past and a new root canal treatment has to be done because a new inflammation is created, or we are not happy with the results of the first root canal treatment. Sometimes the tooth is treated because it will be used for a bridge. In the majority of the cases, a general practitioner refers the patient that needs root canal treatment or a patient can find a root canal specialist and come directly to us.

How many visits do I need for a root canal treatment?

The majority of the teeth are treated in one or two appointments. In very few cases more than two appointments are necessary.

Will I have pain after a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a completely harmful procedure. There is always a chance to experience pain after a root canal treatment that can require the use painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for some days. All the symptoms are gradually go away and the tooth will become again fully functional.

Will I lose an endodontically treated tooth in the near future after the treatment ?

A tooth with an endodontic treatment has lost a percentage of its humidity and as a result it is more fragile. A tooth with a big loss of dental substance must be protected by a crown or an overlay and they can be functional in your mouth without problems.

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