Stamatina Passalidou was borned and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she was graduated from the Experimental School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

She was admitted first to the Dental School of Aristotle University of Athens, she was named an ensign of the Hellenic Navy.

She has served in several positions as a military dentist before she entered the 3-years Master of Science in Endodontlology in the University in Ghent, Belgium (2011-2014). Her thesis titled "Debris Removal from the Mesial Root System of Mandibular Molars with Laser Activated Irrigation" was published at the Journal of Endodontics.

During her studies , she has worked in dental clinics in Antwerp and Brussels as a general practitioner with special interest in Endodontics. Since her return to Athens, she has worked in dental clinics in Luxemburg and in Athens as an endodontist.

She is now the head of the Endodontic Department in Athens Naval Hospital and she has founded Athens Endo House, a specialized endodontic clinic. She has also published numerous articles in reputable publications in Greece and abroad.